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Aphorism within the Francophone Novel of the 20th Century comprises serious readings of Terre des hommes by means of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Alexandre Chenevert via Gabrielle Roy, Gouverneurs de l. a. rosée via Jacques Roumain, Pluie et vent sur Télumée miracle by means of Simone Schwarz-Bart, l. a. direction des Flandres by means of Claude Simon, Présence de los angeles mort by way of C.F. Ramuz, and Neige noire by way of Hubert Aquin. Bell addresses the issues inherent within the time period aphorism, the narrative and discourse functionality of aphorism in the style of the radical, the interrelation among the constitution of aphorism and the epistemological and hermeneutical services this sub-genre may perhaps practice as an element a part of the narrative cloth, the "national" personality of aphoristics, and the issues that come up from "anthologizing" a novel's aphorisms. the significance of aphoristic formula within the French literary culture and its indisputable presence within the sleek novel make this a very major and fruitful study.

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Meme I'acte si simple que nous appelons "voir une personne que nous connaissons" est en partie un acte intellectuel. (Swann, 18-19, emphasis added) Finally, the following passage from Saint-Exupery's Terre des hommes offers an example of how a narrative voice recounts past events using both the passe-compose / preterit and the present, then interposes an aphorism, it too cast in the present tense. In the case 24 Aphorism in the Francophone Novel of the narrative proper, however, note how the aspect of the verbs is punctual.

In this instance, because of the ratio of narrative to commentary, it would appear that the narration complements the essay-aphorism portion of the text rather than the contrary. The chapter commences with a transitional allusion to the near-death experience just recounted in the previous chapter: "Je me suis cru perdu, j'ai cm toucher le fond du desespoir et, une fois le renoncement accepte, j'ai connu la paix. II semble a ces heures-la que Ton se decouvre soimeme et que Ton devienne son propre ami" (189).

It had probably already become a commonplace saying, as it is today, by the time Terre des hommes was published in 1939. It is plausible that Saint-Exupery was addressing himself to the lieu commun rather than to Nietzsche's original challenge. Worth mentioning in passing: The original text from Nietzsche proves interesting: "Derm, glaubt es mir! " (So, believe me! - the secret of reaping the greatest rewards and the greatest pleasure from existence is: live dangerously! ) THE WORLD OF THE TEXT Employing the aphorisms of Terre des hommes in order to gain access to the "world" that the text attempts to project turns out to be little more than an echo of the numerous studies already done of SaintExupery and his text.

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