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Historic ROME: AN ILLUSTRATED heritage holds over 164 pages filled with aspect for a similar age crew, with colour pictures of relics paired with illustrations of the most likely historic Rome settings for max influence. A best suggestion.

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Hamilcar spent the next nine years subjugating the Celtic tribes on the Iberian Peninsula and organizing them into an army. When Hamilcar died in 228 BCE, his son-in-law Hasdrubal succeeded him. The new commander continued the Iberian campaign with the assistance of Hamilcar’s 18-year-old son, Hannibal. Their conquests included mining regions that greatly contributed to the Carthaginian treasury. Together, these gains in material wealth and manpower went a long way toward restoring Carthage’s power.

The Italian cities, meanwhile, were agitating to be granted full Roman citi- zenship. Their contribution of men to the Roman army in recent conflicts had been considerable, and they were no longer willing to be considered subordinate allies. In 91 BCE, their cause was taken up by the tribune Marcus Livius Drusus. However, the position was so unpopular in Rome that it resulted in his assassination. When the Italian allies heard the news, they rose in revolt. The rebels also raised an army, which, because many of its soldiers had been trained by Marius, was more The tombs of the kings of the ancient region of Pontus are located in this mountainside in northeastern Turkey.

In 200 BCE, in response to requests for help from Pergamum and Rhodes, a Roman army was sent into Greece. The expedition marked the start of the short-lived Second Macedonian War (see box, page 46). This victory ensured that Rome dominated the eastern Mediterranean region as well as the western. Roman armies moved swiftly from one conflict to another. They next marched against Antioch III, the king of Syria, defeating him at the Battle of Magnesia in 190 BCE. The once great Seleucid Empire was forced into an ignominious peace, ceding all its holdings in Anatolia and Europe to Rome.

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