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They are used in ointment bases, either as "stiffeners" of fats and oils or as components of a water-in-oil emulsified base. Unlike fats, waxes are not foods and are only occasionally used as excipients in oral preparations. Apart from the true waxes, several products, both natural and synthetic, have been given the same time, notably the paraffin waxes and the higher polyethylene glycols ("Carbowaxes"). 42 AN INTRODUCTION TO PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION The main members of the group may thus be classified as follows : Fats Coconut "oil" Theobroma "oil" Suet ,.

1954, for example, contained 2-3 per cent of tragacanth in 20 per cent aqueous glycerin. Thick mucilages, medicated with drugs such as ichthammol or resorcinol, can be used as drying or filmforming applications to the skin. If aqueous tragacanth formulations are to be stored for appreciable periods and do not contain a drug with antimicrobial action, a preservative should be included. P. Starch for pharmaceutical use may be obtained from wheat, maize (corn), rice or potatoes. In addition to its use as a waterabsorbent diluent for dusting powders, advantage may be taken of its property of gelatinizing with hot water to produce a mucilage or jelly.

Chemically, it is a carbohydrate complex yielding galactose on hydrolysis, but physically it resembles gelatin in its ability to form gels at low concentration ; a 1 per cent solution in boiling water yields a stiff jelly on cooling. T h e main uses of agar are as a culture medium in bacteriology and as a bulk laxative in medicine; it has been included in paraffin and phenolphthalein formulations where it acts as an emulsifying agent. P. Category is "Bulk Laxative". C. (1959) Chondrus (Irish Moss) is the seaweed Chondrus Crispus, sunbleached and dried.

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