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This article is meant for undergraduate and starting graduate scholars in chemistry and biochemistry learning amino acids and peptides. The authors pay attention to amino acids and peptides with no targeted discussions of proteins, whereas giving the entire crucial heritage chemistry, together with series selection, synthesis and spectroscopic tools. The technique is meant to inspire the reader to go classical obstacles whereas gaining an figuring out of protein habit on a molecular point. The ebook contains chapters at the organic roles of amino acids, in addition to a bit on enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of peptides, with compatible examples, a space frequently overlooked in texts describing peptide synthesis. this contemporary textual content may be of worth within the amino acid, peptide and protein box, to complex undergraduates, graduate scholars and learn staff.

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Some non-protein amino acids with biological roles, that are excluded from ribosomal protein synthesis HO 2 C CO 2 H OH OH + CO –2 H3 N γ - Carboxy-L-glutamic acid 1 + L-Dopa 2 CH 3 H 2C CO–2 H3 N CH 2 CO 2 H C H N O O + CH 2 CO –2 N H2 O N NH 2 + – H3 N CO 2 Quisqualic acid 4 Kainic acid 3 (3S)-Carboxymethyl-(4S)isopropenyl-(S)-proline N N HO N HO N O HO O + SMe + SMe CH 2 CH 2 + H3 N CO –2 – O2 C + NH 3 Di-L-tyrosine 5 + H3 N CO –2 S-Adenosyl-L-methionine 6 Notes: 1. ␥-Carboxyglutamic acid, a constituent of calcium-modulating proteins (introduced through post-translational processing of glutamic acid residues).

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Rev. , 65, 83. Sutton, C. , Baize, M. W. and Todd, L. J. (1993) Inorg. , 33, 4221. 1 Introduction: the main conformational features of amino acids and peptides This topic has been thoroughly developed insofar as the conformational behaviour of amino acids and peptides in aqueous solutions is concerned. The main driving force for conformational studies has been the pharmaceutical interest in the interactions of biologically active amino acids and peptides with tissue, particularly with cell receptors.

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