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Julius Caesar's lifestyles and instance have interested and encouraged generations of individuals for almost 2,000 years. This publication explores the folks, areas, occasions, and associations that helped outline arguably the main recognized person within the background of Rome.

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L. Sergius Catiline (Catiline in English) attempts a conspiracy to overthrow the Republic and assassinate top officials, such as the consul, Marcus Cicero. The latter foils the plot. Caesar finds himself falsely implicated in the conspiracy after his speech to the Senate on December 5, in favor of holding arrested conspirators under indefinite detention rather than executing them. Cato the Younger emerges as Caesar’s principal political adversary in his counterargument, which propels Cicero and the Senate to order the executions.

Johnson, W. R. 1976. Darkness Visible. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 12 Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture was the basis of all ancient economies, maintaining the standard of living of all the populations in Rome’s empire, including those residents in the large towns and cities, who consumed masses of agricultural produce every year. Upper-class Romans, from whose writings most of our evidence for agriculture derives, promoted idealized views of the countryside and the ownership of rural property; they praised the independent peasant farmer who produced for himself and his family, did not sell his labor to others for wages, and served when called by his country as a citizen-soldier.

Licinius Lucullus to Pompey. 65 BCE Caesar holds the elected magistracy of curule aedile with M. Calpurnius Bibulus as colleague. He stages magnificent gladiatorial games. The Transpadani, encouraged by Crassus and Caesar, agitate for citizenship equal to the rest of Italy. Senatorial rivals allege a conspiracy against the state, implicating Crassus and Caesar, among others. 64 BCE Caesar is appointed judge for the standing court on murder. Pompey brings Syria into the empire as a province, ending the Seleucid Kingdom.

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