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By A. Bak

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Now, it is known that Boolean “and” and “exclusive-or”—namely, multiplication and addition in F —and the constant “1” form a functionally complete set of Boolean operations, in that they generate every Boolean function. Thus, when u ranges over m m all the elements of F 2 , the functions fu range over all the 22 Boolean functions with m variables. ) 3. Show that for 0 < r < m, ⎛ GRM (m, r) = ⎝ ⎞ GRM (m−1, r) GRM (m−1, r) 0 GRM (m−1, r−1) ⎠ . Hint: S(m, r) = {(0 e) : e ∈ S(m−1, r)} ∪ {(1 e) : e ∈ S(m−1, r−1)} .

For every a ∈ F , a|F | = a . Proof. Clearly, 0|F | = 0. 16); therefore, a|F |−1 = 1. 5 below that the multiplicative group of every finite field is cyclic. A generator of F ∗ is called a primitive element in F . 2 Polynomials Let F be a field. A polynomial over F (in the indeterminate x) is an expression of the form a(x) = a0 + a1 x + . . + an xn , where n is a nonnegative integer and a0 , a1 , . . , an are elements of F : these elements are called the coefficients of the polynomial a(x). We regard two polynomials as equal if they agree on their nonzero coefficients.

34 2. Linear Codes Each row in the standard array is a coset of C in F n . Indeed, two words y1 , y2 ∈ F n are in the same row if and only if y1 − y2 ∈ C. The cosets of C form a partition of F n into q n−k subsets, each of size |C| = q k . The first word in each row is called a coset leader . By construction, a coset leader is always a minimum-weight word in its coset. However, as the last two rows in the example show, a minimum-weight word in a coset is not necessarily unique. Let y be a received word.

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