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By Kenneth Pye, N. Lancaster

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Experiences of aeolian sediments, either old and smooth, have exhibited a couple of vital conceptual advances in recent times. particularly, there was a movement clear of descriptions of sediments, bedforms and sedimentary environments towards a brand new emphasis at the dynamics of aeolian depositional structures at various temporal and spatial scales, and their reaction to exterior alterations in sea degrees, neighborhood and international climates and tectonics. This distinctive e-book includes a number of papers that have been offered on the Symposium "Aeolian Sediments: old and glossy" held in 1990. it is also a few contributions from authors who weren't in a position to attend the assembly, yet whose paintings displays very important points of latest examine in aeolian sedimentology.State-of-the-art study papers in aeolian sedimentologyInternational, professional authorshipOf relevance to fashionable issues approximately worldwide weather changeIf you're a member of the overseas organization of Sedimentologists, for buying information, please see:

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Six contrasting styles of aeolian accumulmion foulld 011 lho Queensland coast. ll l11orphc)logy found on prograding shores al t he pl'C�CIH da)'. Types C. D. E unci F me Iypically associated wilh consUlI erosion. (After Pye. 1983a,) 29 some instances, been deposi ted in more shel tered areas as progm d m io n n l beach ridge pl ai ns (e . g . Fig. 9). P A ll A IIO L I C D U N E M O Il I) H O L O G Y described ns ' p arabo l i c' forms i n detail . A distinction can arc described (IS lobate , and t hose with a lengt h:width of >3,0 nl'e referred to as elongate.

5 1 3- 52 1 . L,\ I . R,J. & Wu. J , ( I Y7�) Wirlcl c l'os io n �lIld dcposilion olong l\ co<:lsltll sanci d U I IC, Sea Gralll College PI'ogram, UlliL'crJily of Delm l'are. O£L·SG·/O·78, 26 PI' , LANC" S'I'ER. N , ( 1 9S5) Val'i(Ltior�s in wincl vclocity Ullel SUIl(1 transpon on the wi ndwfll'd na n ks of cl esc r t sand duncs. Scciilll/:lllology 32. 58 1 - 593, LllltNGSTf)NH. I'IlS over a N a lll ib lincflI' d U I lC , I n : " Aeo/itlll GeolllOl'/JllOlogy (Ed. Nickling. W , G , ) pp, 97- 1 1 2, Allen & Unwin.

I'. Readillg RG6 2AB. 1 lOl lS period of s4ll1d acculnul"Hion during the Quaternary. md dceply podzolized. Intly in response 10 hydrological rtlctOrs. Drilling has shown thot in SOUle areas aeolian s;mds extend to .. depth of marc than 40m below prcsent sC41 level. while elsewhere dunes have climbed over bedrock hills und older lIuncs lO ,main a height of more than 300 III tlbovc sen level. Insurficicnl evidence i� presently avnilClble to be certnin about the number. liming. extent and causes of

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