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By Tim Cahill

Cahill (Jaguars Ripped My Flesh) courts intercontinental experience in those gathered trip items. He fishes for pike in Wisconsin's icy Lake Nagawicka (and competes in a minnow-drinking contest at Chuck and Sue's bar). Over the protests of the overdue Dian Fossey, he eyeballs Rwanda's now-famous mountain gorillas. And he joins the reporters flocking to the scene of mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. His pen is stuffed with adrenaline; he batters down stumbling blocks and dares to do the tough, no matter if this implies braving the odor of deterioration (Jonestown's "last our bodies to be got rid of were in one of these kingdom of decomposition that bits and items saved falling off'') or surviving a major wind-chill issue. notwithstanding Cahill's humor and machismo should be heavy-handed, and his occasional sexism is tense ("menopausal waitresses'' cramp his type in Oregon), the writer's urge for food for enjoyable and bother off the crushed course is exhilarating.

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