New PDF release: A Heart Divided

By J. M. Snyder

ISBN-10: 160272511X

ISBN-13: 9781602725119

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The years they’d known each other created a balm over the time they’d been apart—the romance they’d shared had blossomed into a tender love through absence. The hunger in Sam’s kisses told Andy he wasn’t the only one who had longed for his lover in the night. Finally Sam rested his head against Andy’s chest and sighed, content. Andy eased an arm around Sam’s shoulders, cheeks cooling in the night air, lips swollen from Sam’s own. “The water’s gone,” Sam whispered, turning the empty 28 A HEART DIVIDED container upside down to prove his point.

I’ll pay you for the supplies,” Andy whispered. At the surgeon’s frown, he dug into his haversack and fingered the money he had saved for the past three years. “I need ether— not the whole bottle, just enough for one man while he’s being stitched together. ” Mendenhall didn’t speak, and Andy raised his gaze to meet those dark, haunted eyes. ” With a laugh, the surgeon said, “You haven’t the money. I can’t just give those things away—” “Nine dollars,” Andy bartered. When Mendenhall’s eyes widened, he pulled the money from his haversack and held it out to prove he had it.

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