Download e-book for iPad: 3-202 Kokutai by Waldemar & Zbiegniewski, Andre R. Pajdosz

By Waldemar & Zbiegniewski, Andre R. Pajdosz

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86 . 70I bid. 25 Gospels in the Arabic language; that there were more than three hundred thousand persons like himself who were already converted to Christian; ty _71 Postel recounts a lasting friendship with this convert and numerous visits to his home on his various sojourns. He also states that he met many converts in that Turkish home. 7 2 In Constantinople Postel acquired books of the Kabbalah written in Aramaic. He says, in Lingvarvm duodecim characteribvs differentivm aZphabetvm, introdvctio, which was published in Paris in 1538 after his return from Italy, that a Jewish physician, Mose Almuli, gave these to himJ3 After his departure from Turkey he came to Venice with precious objects and rare books which he had bought for King Francis I.

XI (1969) pp. 382-387. 27 Postel's interest in and knowledge of printing in his career should be noted, and we sha 11 observe 1ater the si gni fi cance of printing in Postel's life and livelihood. Another important acquaintance which Postel made during his stay at Venice was Teseo Ambrogio ( 1469-1540), noted 1 ingui st and teacher of J. A. Widmanstadt. 79 Postel says that he never received these, a1though Ambrogio indicated that he had sent the alphabets desired. 80 Because of his command of orienta 1 1anguages and his desire to make these languages known to the world, Postel considered it advisable to become well versed in various aspects of printing.

Balmas, "Le prime nove" in Studi Urbinati 29 (1955) p. 350, n. 64. 85 Postel 1 s acc ount is found in The British Library, Sloa ne ms. 1413, fol. 85ff. Fran~oi s Secret ha s published some of th e s e do cuments. Se e "Pa r a lipomene s d e la vie de Fran~ois Ier pa r Guillaume Postel," Studi Francesi 4 (1958) pp. 50-62. 29 links the King's circle not only to scholarship but also to reform. Francis wanted Erasmus as director if he could live in France, but untoward circumstances forced him to ab~ndon the project.

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